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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 28, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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and i tried to cut the handles a new vision for his nation with north korea as the importance of the city address the security council kind that is north korea's recent ballistic missile launch probably a violation of un resolutions and said it's considering the appropriate response. on the prowl and the spirit. sir paul and economic recovery the reason for that. ay ay ay
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i know. the drink are yes and you were watching from around the world. it's friday marks twenty eight here in so i am shoveling think too much for joining us. we begin this evening in dresden germany where present company delivered a pivotal speech on probation for a unified korea our correspondent is on has more on the president's proposals detailing how the two korean should work to work in the kitchen. after receiving an honorary degree from dresden university of technology friday. i'm not connect with one of three planned proposal for the tutu we estimate the groundwork for a key from the kitchen she first highlighted the urgency of the thousands of kami and simple. he does
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that mean and be separated from the to think that a nap the dna. the deal tumbling and tanya like a little until today. on the table to initiate humble initiated and instigate. priyanka. i'm not then suggested that equally as cool operate with the added cultural production and transportation and communication infrastructures she also talked about joining hands with china and russia in a melee and distribution projects to promote co the president that end up with the increase in people taking it to me i found an annoyance in the form of historical the third culture art and sport. not content to demonstrate to let the previous sunday. two and a double bonus gets heated julia. you all that to happen the president said the ems team bought a new
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ground and looking after the lives of its own people learn more about gemini film being a teaching experience this over the last four games the second president and she looks forward to a day when young people from korea germany and the world created in each other until the chat feature. wrapping up her european trip cannot travel to frankfurt to meet with me if he minded in their system was sent a gemini to find jobs and earn foreign currency to the father's presidency in the nineteen sixties and seventy. she is on at the news has been. and for extra strength of the president talking to his landmark address in the german city of preston means forty future of the korean peninsula. we bring in dr e tenth time director and area studies program at the spit film institute. thank you very much for joining us. thank you to the moon right after a knee op president of the bill the package of proposals on
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laying the groundwork for unification but to make of them were you impressed. home for troop presence of optimism and i made this report the pope was a big point i think his first proposal book. the shire's to use an updated post on coalition and the temple causes of the need to realize it seem that if energy union also second is to be in the two investor. frost auctioned off korea. plus there's the foreigner leading up to the proposal. for the restoration of old were you thinking of the korean people. we need to exchange more than to be in the two least walk alone. kind of art in this quarter. so did a speech made economic unification with the north sea more attainable. four years earlier when there are
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economic unification means that the postal vote before you think asians being used to exchange it. also of note the prison break due to appear in education is the consummation and the cooperation source of more oriented toward the records nation and the cooperation first then the next step will lead to the kitchen what to call me in tunisia. it is so different as possible and that the regular interaction among citizen that happen here in akron peninsula nothing is impossible but to me to try and think. the lead up to the exchange of people you don't do any interaction between the posts themselves it took shoes the unification and peaceful way. so green it needed to understand the top. before that they understand each other. we need to remove
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interact more. aunt amber so if present the portico to north korea with these kind of proposals and ideas how should she approached north korea. how would they respond i was not so much impress the body hopeless piece because it isn't. you might think it is nothing new because they want to call me corporation was a doctor welcome to do with this calling. but the south korean men who want to know scoring oh and getting roped into clue and was pulled on him to come onto the unit was used in cleveland the witch and the music. all cooperation with the sauce quarter with the help of not providing the most couldn't call me alright back to me thank you very much joining us this evening. thank you the word
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your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. joint audience charlie and i knew she had the heart of seoul. right i need to be done. well i had to the next general election. any show of improved three way tie between south korea the united states and japan three nations will hold defence talks next month in washington dc. the move follows the trilateral summit held in the netherlands earlier this week in which they reaffirmed the importance of a united stance against north korea's nuclear program sessions in an asbo. south korea and japan may not share the same understanding of history. one thing indeed to have in common is the desire to keep the peace in northeast asia
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salt defense ministry said friday that south korea japan and the yule lads will hold a trilateral talks on april seventeen and eighteen the role included anti defense ministers from the three nations and represent the fake fetch up to two thousand eight the officials that discussions will center on strengthening cooperation against north korea's nuclear threat and the possible the start of six party talks the new grant program also be appointed and this is when the talking and playing negotiators from south korea the us and japan feet down for top down. the discussions will center on strengthening cooperation against north korean nuclear threat and the possible return of six party talks. no details on when and where they'll take place have been announced both in different styles and a future meeting the three new clean negotiators were proposed earlier this week when the leaders of three countries met on the sidelines of the new security summit in the heat see the name i can use the un security council has
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unanimously condemned north korea's recent ballistic missile launches calling them a clear violation of existing resolutions to me and it has more on how the group says it will continue discussions on an appropriate response the un security council has spoken with one voice on north korea's launch of two mid range was the missiles earlier this week. expressing deep concern after apple's board meeting on thursday the fifteen nation council said it was all costs days to respond appropriately to the latest provocation the council's president will submerge the ambassador sold the loop this sale was a clear violation of security council resolutions. this by concerns that they wouldn't korea's biggest ally china supported the statement but only to a point. as per se as a likely beijing will get this back to two additional economic sanctions on the north. in two thousand six in two thousand on the security council slapped
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the sanctions and in the north from watching any type of missile test was the capabilities up to follow north korea's first and second nuclear test the security council extend assistance to another nuclear test in february of last year north korea but to medium raised will go ballistic missiles into the sea in the early hours of wednesday morning. korean time. the was the first such mid range was launched since two thousand time. then i did this. dale on friday to sell twelve fa fifty fighter jets to the philippines for four to twenty million us dollars under terms of the government to government deal korea aerospace industries will deliver the jets the most advanced variant of the t fifty golden eagle supersonic trainer can email us and the next thirty eight months of the fifty is coated off like a high and us defence firm lockheed martin the hour of seven follows similar contracts with iraq
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last year and indonesia in two thousand eleven. we also had its eye on selling the fa fifty two through botswana and the uae. the concert comes after the presidents of korea and the philippines signed a memorandum of understanding expand the defense cooperation in october. korea's industrial output dropped in february for his second straight month while the bis the sentiment of korean manufacturers also remains weak the sun's rays conservative domestic economy is not on track with strong recovery. he has a tea cups korea's economic conditions might not be improving as quickly as many had hoped statistics korea said friday that the nation's industrial output shrank one point eight percent last month from january marking the second straight month of decline agency attributed the drop in altitude slowing production in the nation's auto sector which fell more
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than seven percent in february on monday. good site if you were exports of korean automobiles to the united states due to the harsh winter there and consumers waiting for the scheduled release of new models the agency added that the decline is most likely temporary because the output numbers from january to february improved from the fourth quarter last year experts however remain dubious about the strength of the recovery this year. bc the domestic economy faces an uphill battle in trying to maintain the pace of recovery seen in the second half of last year. mind you. and competed in the economic growth in the beaches one percent every quarter this year from an order of the year. like the second half of two thousand thirteen the economy will be able to expand over four percent this year. but for now all that remains questionable the back of korea that also showed that business sentiment among korean
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manufacturers remained weak not. although the index reached eighty one up from seventy eight in february that he is still below the benchmark one hundred which means there are more pessimistic than optimistic the central bank expects the korean economy to grow three point eight percent this year after a three percent growth last year. see items. the empress weary look at some of the issues that have captured the attention of the domestic media this week from the sinking of the south korean warship forty years ago is used by students in the nation to a hollywood blockbuster that will start filming here in seoul this weekend to go over down to our youth we are more mia. any name and a happy friday at the school st acolyte in bewitched did a feature story of marking this week's four year anniversary of the thinking of the south korean warship comment i left
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forty six dealers that it back in twenty ten lineup hear or read the sixty three percent of elementary school students say i don't know about time and were sent to the label that into how we are suffering to the taller of the incident erupted nice in just four years ago. it took a closer look at this part of the very far left of a small portion high light and bright blue on the very far left shows how only a small number of elementary middle and high school students are fully aware of the incident. the rest will be no of the incident or have never even heard of it. other things are dealt to show the least. oh quarter of all students down to south korean government's claim that north korea was responsible for that action as damning as you may remember still has a complaint on north korea for the sinking but telling and continues to deny any involvement. one thing to be underway tonight i'm sure a petite else but another to be completely unaware of the incident itself which happened just four years ago
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take a look at this next article from tolls on the table about how blind and dumb share of these chinese companies copy korean products in six months meeting korean companies deeply troubled. the photo on here at uc thirty air conditioners on the left that were unveiled at the consumer electronics show back in january by a chinese company called time and a three on the right with almost the exact same design. it's a nurse by korea's lg electronics that were built at the stage show two years ago and here again all the rides. the conceit of the working bees have a unique design that resembles an artist's easel. the one left is from tiny sometimes companies tc held in the one on the right place electronics with a built in eight months earlier at the ifa europe's biggest tax help. the article says because of this infringement by chinese companies domestic
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companies are strengthening security over their products the shells and some are even be considering whether they should bring out their latest and most advanced technologies to the show. at the collective this next article in our part of the major hollywood blockbuster the avengers steal one of the films here and school starting this weekend. this article from salon in law for someone to tell and the headline of kiera received avengers team shooting on thirtieth outsmart thirtieth of quest and not look bad breaks and blocked entirely for eleven hours. on the very far left shows the shutdown of tomato plant trees in the form of the match and this is raising some eyebrows as an essential traits that connects the southern and northern parts of what not. that was never closed off even for a major international events like the nineteen eighty eight olympics where this whole international marathon
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about twenty minutes of the movie a movie will be full filled assurance whole and this is considered a big deal as is the first time a hollywood blockbuster is in shock here in korea and from the industry personnel according to the article. i have hopes that the avengers team will make them up over that bridge. go to place in korea. much like a navy spy and a ford york city's brooklyn bridge. i'll wrap up this week like half the stories and the korean press. and. when checked on some stories making headlines on the global front from strong words out of the united nations on russia to turkey pulling the plug on youtube. beagle life to our party and the new center for pa let's start with the crisis in ukraine but to tell us. the national
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committee is timing device on russia over its annexation of crimea. united nations united states and the international monetary fund are coming to the aid of ukraine while loving for sanctions towards moscow. mckenzie on reports the next beaches has thrown its support behind ukraine and further isolated brush after an international community for its actions in crying yet. the general assembly approved a nonbinding resolution that affirms ukraine's territorial integrity and call the referendum for crying in succession in the eagle one hundred member countries voted in favor of the resolution with eleven voting against the eagles and twenty four caps next the next week is applying pressure to rochelle supporting me. yes congress is promoting bills that would provide one billion dollars in loan guarantees to ukraine and one to fifteen million dollars in direct assistance the house of representatives is expected to approve
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the legislation friday in washington in which the senate passed the day before with bipartisan support the legislation is known to include more senior russian officials and cooperation. now the subject after the season travel team hsbc said anasta car companies halted transactions for a quasi yet after was placed under the sanctions list. in response russia might have under putin stressed the need for russia to develop its own peanut network. meanwhile the international monetary fund is rushing to how to create the imf approved a two year loan of up to eighteen billion us dollars for the nation which is on the verge of default and i say he couldn't speak like their tea house risen to nearly thirteen billion dollars this year about a return kiev comments are undertaking comic and energy reports. russia has cut off the ten billion dollars and eighteen for two thousand the former president viktor yanukovich a tidy three new teeth and for official at
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the height of the second webcast front yet then you're the one hundred thousand russian forces are stationed on the eastern borders of the crane near the scene of height keep entering a team down and you can use. and moving on to the latest round in the missing malaysian airliner in just the last few hours it's been a major development in the search for flight and its three seven zero. the us rail maritime safety authority said in a tweet in a writing class claimed new zealand air force has spotted unidentified objects in a new search area the sightings so need to be confirmed by ship but is not expected until tomorrow earlier friday officials said they had a bend in the previous are sown in the southern indian ocean in favor of a new search site more than eleven hundred climbers to the north east australian the malaysian government say the decision was based on further analysis of radar data that show that the plane was traveling faster than previously thought. ten international aircraft and six vessels have been re directed to the new area which spent some three
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hundred twenty thousand square kilometers. salinger also be repositioned for suppression ordnance. and finally let's focus on turkey where the country's telecom authorities have blocked access to youtube the turkish prime minister's office says the move was a precaution to protect national security after police recordings were posted online. earlier senior officials discussing possible military operations in syria primates are trying to order one appeared to have confirmed the new elite as he's called a villainous and dishonest during a rally thursday. but experts say will do little to silence the sutton place of the people. ultimately people take the streets if they don't have the occasion channels to block youtube and twitter the other channels people don't bog still text message to block those networks people take the street so you can read all people down for too long the ban on you two times a week after turkish authorities closed access to the micro blogging website
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twitter. the crackdown also comes just days before nationwide elections open on sunday. there are also for looking into national stories making headlines around the world. aussie back here next week. the two prime time sports and speed in check the weather warming up and april near the baseball season is finally upon us here in korea the twenty fourteen korea baseball organization season kicks off this weekend to much fanfare other teams start with a clean slate in their own for six months. what's the korean series in october. and speaking of that that predicts three time defending champion tom's alliance are applying for a record tying fourth title in a row. also with the first year that allows teams one was a foreign player for a total of three on their rosters with
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the exception of the expansion and the dinos well for opening day on saturday will feature any of the nineteenth minute since he started at two pm in stadiums across the nation and wolf are in the usa the twenty fourteen major league baseball season will also look at going this weekend after opening in australia last week. first pitch of the season on american soil will be thrown on sunday evening at petco park when the dungeon and the los angeles doctors visit and to catch her and this enviable card race. meanwhile most other teams will get their start on monday with thirteen games scheduled for today. and heading to the pitch you with what has given the go ahead for a few torment for european countries that will rival the world cup and european championship called the nation's leading the wake of president michelle put katie called the fifty four member nations that the party
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was developed with their feet back to mind. full details are not yet finalized but there will be for large groups to be further broken down into three or four players with four spots for qualifying for the euro twenty one corner. now its probe of the ball into the leak from some of my day may come to castleford in one of the championships to make this easy chance comes off shown some prospect in the two week layoff. dropping the first and second sets become the capital twenty five twenty and twenty five twenty. the council that pope leo martinez going to need that but how did that happen holds on to the third set twenty five twenty two taking one of the series continued on sunday. and that's all for now this has been stated to have a great weekend and i'll see you later for more in the world sports. today was a
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sunny day here in seoul that things will to return tomorrow for more let's connect live turkey but down at the weather center anything that today's warm weather camelot with buying death but tamara salaries will watch that away. three heavy rainfall lots has been pasted on the mountains of tennessee where over a hundred volunteers that was the case in the fall. showers will gradually move up north and central regions including snow is forecast at about five millimeters. after tomorrow's dollars and they looked to be sunny in most parts of the country taking the lead at the current conditions. what did she lie low pressure system from japan where is the cloudy sky that was in the afternoon highs rose to twenty four degrees which is the highest temperature recorded in parts of the monsters that a stablemate of it to drop about five degrees compared to today. the gods is that these greetings. when you hit the high teens mom was
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the antiques that a team of a live every day. i then said you reach the high teens and took ella tops out at thirteen. as often as i have a wonderful friday. del and broadcasts on this friday nights and sleeping so charming thanks for watching every week and will cease. i do the league. she competes i
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knew instantly he knew were watching and eighty six. no way to nh. each seat. ok i am just . next. the in eighteen eighty eight c and h c hall watching the game uses it please folks if you are watching the game each issue i'm going to bed. watching him. i am at how adding them up at all. and a ui what. and
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seems. also the only home first. it's that time. you
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knew you. as president obama heads to saudi arabia to cement relations with america is all i like. we let the story of a gay saudi diplomats point in the ussr and the baby's death sentence if he returns. do you stop they do there but it will profit on it. but this doesn't stop the gulf mauna kea from being one of america's key trading partners but you get for telecoms deals with billions of dollars. well the chinese president enjoys a warm welcome in europe. it all works hard to build trade ties with the kingston powerhouse


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